Brief Introduction

Commerzial help global companies improve sales and marketing results and customer interactions throughout any level of any organisation, anywhere in the world. We are a global consultancy company with roots in Copenhagen.

Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers create the path to commercial excellence and improve their profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction

Our Values

Our Values

Enthusiasm – We love what we do, and we engage in our work with energy, passion and integrity.

Professionalism – We pursue excellence in everything we do, and we don’t stop until we have delivered the results that prove it.

Dedication – We are 100% focused on commercial excellence and improving your organisation’s commercial skills to deliver continuous growth.

Agility – We reduce complexity through our methods, and we are flexible in our work and disruptive in our thinking, always putting our customers’ individual challenges first.

Commercial Excellence Advisors


We are a team of versatile and highly dedicated Commercial Excellence Advisors with a single mission: to improve your company’s commercial capabilities and grow your business

Charlotte Andsbjerg

Commercial Excellence Advisor

Tel: +1 508 656 9545

Rolf Reinhardt Mogensen

Commercial Excellence Advisor

Tel: +4561779916

Michael Jarnum

Commercial Excellence Advisor

Tel: +4560900202

Orcun Kuyucuoglu

Commercial Excellence Advisor

Tel: +4553579700

NJ Flensborg

Managing Partner

Tel: +4526890816

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We orchestrate and drive commercial transformation for our customers all around the world with a team of local and international consultants handpicked for each individual project

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