Improved structure and efficiency of entire sales organization

Unicon Case

We helped Unicon achieve a 98 % satisfaction rate as a result of the sales training through:

  • New structure, systems and tools enabling focused and effective sales work
  • Tools for identifying most profitable customers
  • New tools for calculating prices and understanding how to increase profitability in all phases of a specific project

When Unicon Norway was asked by its owners to deliver 5% growth in contribution margin per m2 of concrete sold during the middle of the financial crisis, Commerzial helped to improve the structure and efficiency of the entire sales organisation.

We provided the sales director, the regional managers and the sales reps with tools for a more accurate price calculation and profit optimisation for each individual project. As a result, Unicon Norway has been able to achieve +10% improvement in their contribution for several years and has seen a record growth in profitability.

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Unicon Norway is Norway’s leading supplier of ready-mixed concrete, and it is part of the Aalborg Portland Group. Unicon Norway was acquired by the private equity fund Cementir in 2004. The company has a yearly turnover of more than DKK 4 billion.

The Case

After Cementir’s acquisition, the CEO of Unicon Norway, along with the regional directors, were asked to deliver 5% growth in contribution margin per square meter of concrete sold – an ambitious goal in a declining market strongly affected by the financial crisis.

The Challenge

Upon analysing the Unicon Norway sales organisation, Commerzial identified the following key challenges that needed to be addressed to deliver the desired results:

  1. The Sales director and regional managers needed methods to improve the visibility of their clients’ profitability, changing their focus from revenue to profitability.
  2. The sales organisation needed a new, structured way to effectively target different customers in different markets – and identify the most profitable segments.
  3. The sales reps needed to optimise earnings, but lacked the necessary methods and tools to calculate earnings on specific projects.

The Solution

Commerzial helped to bring transparency and control through the implementation of a new structure, systems and tools for both managers and sales reps, making Unicon Norway’s sales organisation focused and effective in their sales work.

  • The sales director, regional managers and sales executives were able to identify which customers they should spend their time on to increase profits.
  • The sales organisation got new tools for calculating prices and understanding how to increase profitability in all phases of a specific project – including the possibility of applying this understanding across other projects.
  • The sales reps were equipped to differentiate Unicon’s offerings on value for the specific project, eliminating price focus and optimising earnings.

Could This Be You?

The challenges Unicon Norway experienced are common for many sales organisations faced with changes in economy, customer behaviour, markets or the competitive landscape.

As commercial excellence advisors, we are charged with handling the complexity of these external factors, combined with managing the necessary change to our own processes, competences, habits and culture.

We supply the right competence and experience that help you embrace that challenge and achieve your goals. With Commerzial, you tap into a senior team of consultants and a proven method and toolbox addressing all corners of commercial excellence.


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