Your Roadmap to Commercial Growth

What’s your plan for commercial growth post-Covid-19? Here’s how AI and expert know-how can give you a full commercial diagnosis in days and provide a high-speed lane to renewed growth.

In the wake of Covid-19, many sales executives will be faced with entirely new realities. The situation forces us to ask how commercial organisations can best adapt and instrumentalise new market dynamics and changed conditions to secure their success in both the short and long terms.

This article outlines four proven steps for transforming your commercial efforts for a post- COVID-19 world that will help identify and harness new commercial opportunities and get on the fast track to growth.


“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” wrote Danish cartoonist Storm P. In the wake of Covid-19, these words may ring truer than ever, especially if you’re heading up a sales team or division. Many sales executives are finding that their forecasts and prognoses of a few months ago, which seemed achievable, even if ambitious, now read like fiction. “We’ve suspended our expectations for the rest of the year” is an all too common statement when companies present their forecasts for the remainder of 2020. So, what can sales executives do to navigate these uncertain seas and put their organisations back on track for long-term growth and profitability? In times like these, it’s worth remembering that while a new reality means new challenges, it also means new opportunities. History has proven time and time again that new behaviours and business models emerge in the wake of crises. The opportunities just need to be identified, and often enough, they’re right in front of you. You just need to know how to look and where to dig. And you need to adapt your sales organisation to your findings.

1. Effectively Capture Employee Insight and Identify New Growth Opportunities

The best ideas can come from anyone. You’ve probably heard this phrase many times before, and that’s for a reason – it’s true. In times of change, the solution to your future success rarely comes solely from upper management, corporate strategy or market insights. We’ve found that setting up a structured and easy way to draw on and consolidate the experiences of each and every individual in the organisation results in new and invaluable insights. Through advanced yet easy-to-use tools that ask all the tough questions and bring relevant topics to the entire organisation, we’ve been able to collect the feedback, ideas and solutions that constitute the vital first step in surmounting the growth barriers in your market and even within your organisation.

2. Rapidly Diagnose Your Commercial Maturity

Once the good ideas have been collected and you’ve gained valuable insights from managers and employees, it’s time to diagnose the main challenges and opportunities for growth. Obviously, you’ll want to get a clear
picture of your commercial maturity sooner than later. Consequently, Commerzial has made it possible to map critical commercial insights faster and more efficiently than ever before, sometimes in just a matter of days, by leveraging the latest technological advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP. By translating qualitative insights into quantitative data, we enable you to develop conclusions and quickly prioritise your efforts. The solution provides an effective alternative to traditional strategic processes and puts your organisation on renewed growth trajectories when it might otherwise be crippled by uncertainty.

3. Translate Commercial Insights into Action

So, you’ve got invaluable employee insights and mapped your commercial maturity across a range of critical topics. Now what? Sadly, all too often the process stops here. Commercial organisations identify a new path to growth but fail to translate insights and choices into value-adding actions and a clear plan for the future. Admittedly, changing old behaviours is a challenge, and creating a uniform, new or adjusted approach to sales throughout the entire organisation can be met with both resistance and confusion. The larger the organisation, the more complex the task may seem. At Commerzial, we’re trained and specialised in tackling just that. Our roadmap methodology will help you lay out a solid plan of action with short-, medium- and
long-term focal points.

4. Train, Equip, Execute

The last step is often the hardest: execution. You need to be sure that everyone on your sales teams is on the same page and that they simultaneously receive the correct dose of tools, training and support aligned with the proven mechanics for success. Getting the right support to your commercial team and ensuring you repeat and reinforce the idea that new procedures have been effectively and accurately implemented are fundamental success criteria in this phase. Commerzial’s unique combination of online learning, virtual workshops and winning management standards constitute the recipe that will help you execute and permanently embed the new behaviours in your organisational culture. It’s not only a sound methodology, it’s also the most effective way to create a long-term plan for organisational growth.

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