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How a global B2B company drastically improved ROI from lead generation


Sales and Marketing departments are too often working in silos, which makes it difficult to
get the most out of their investment in lead generation. Commerzial helped a global B2B
company to radically grow pipeline and orders, leading the Year-over-Year growth in
orders by 87% and in pipeline creation by 47%.

Client: A global stock-listed company

The client is a global manufacturing company working within technical solutions, engineering, and IT infrastructure.

The company plays a significant part in large-scale projects involving building server farms and data centers with a strong emphasis on power saving and sustainability.

24,000 Employees Worldwide

$5 Billion Revenue fiscal year 2021

Customer in 130+ countries

Issue: Lack of alignment between Sales and

The main issue for the company’s sales and marketing teams is not realizing all potential value from their marketing investment in lead generation. They were extremely subject-matter professional, but lacked alignment between goals, strategies, and processes.

Communication and collaboration between the teams were random and unstructured, and there were no common dashboards or systems to monitor the value creation. Due to this, Sales and Marketing did not realize that their challenges were very much co-dependent and intertwined.

Challenge: Sales and Marketing

Sales challenges: Weak pipeline creation for specific segments, and Marketing generated leads were (perceived to be) low-quality. Included frequent finger-pointing between Sales and Marketing teams.

Marketing challenges: Low conversion rate of the generated leads, and difficulties in generating valuable leads with the right clients. Slow and random response time for qualified leads. Including frustration over not being recognised for their efforts and results.

The Outcome – Outperforming all expectations

The Outcome: Outperforming all expectations


Pipeline creation

Overachievement of budgeted pipeline creation


Pipeline creation

Year-over-Year growth in pipeline creation



Overachievement of budgeted orders



Year-over-Year growth in orders


First step was to fully understand the details of the current lead generation performance

The client and Commerzial deepdived into the data to get insights, ultimately building a realistic business case. We identified lead quality and sales response time as major issues, which made it clear how to prioritize going forward.


The vision: To drive global pipeline growth and Marketing ROI through stronger Sales and Marketing collaboration.

The Success Factors

The Success Factors: 4 pillars of collaboration

1. Alignment through management layers:

Address issues from Top-to-bottom management layers (strategic, tactical and operational) to create accountability and alignment

2. Utilize current management cadences:

Integrate the key metrics and topics into current sales & marketing management cadences both to create awareness and accountability as well as save time for managers

3. Focus on Key Drivers:

Set lagging and leading metrics based on the success drivers (quality, quantity and speed) to create urgency and monitor the progression rigorously

4. Put behavioural change at the core:

Engage with pilot country sales and marketing leaders while developing and testing the tools to secure the ownership and execution (ADKAR change model)

Martin Coulthard

Senior Global Director, Digital Customer Experience

Orcun Kuyucuoglu

Commercial Excellence Advisor

Vicente Chiralt

Vice President Marketing, EMEA


“They provide a robost and scalable methodology, coaching not only sales and marketing but us jointly.”

Head of sales, DACH

“They become an extension of your team in all sense, bringing in a very smart way of thinking and problem-solving.”

Vice President, EMEA Marketing

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