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Breaking the silos

Breaking the silos

The alignment between sales and marketing is a great tool for your business to reach your KPIs and improve your ROI and lead conversion rate, when used correctly. Though, it is a tricky area to manage because of the differing natures between the sales and marketing teams.

Master the alignment of sales and marketing

Both teams need to be working together in order to create a successful campaign that will reach the target market, engage them, and persuade them to buy your product or use your service. That is why it takes a great deal of experience and knowledge of the field to master the alignment between sales and marketing and to fully gain the right potential.

The Client

A real life case story with a B2B company

Commerzial helped a global B2B company to radically grow pipeline and orders, leading the Year-over-Year growth in orders by 87% and in pipeline creation by 47%.

Dive into this Case Story of a successful implementation of improved Sales and Marketing collaboration.

At Commerzial we believe in ‘show, don’t tell’. That is why we have gathered a case story with a real client we have worked with, a B2B company, which improved performance and motivation on every level of the sales and marketing organization. Our cooperation showed great results.


Pipeline Creation Growth:


Over-achievement of budgeted pipeline creation


Year-over-Year growth in pipeline creation

Order growth:


Over-achievement of budgeted pipeline orders


Year-over-Year growth in orders

Key Figures

The key figures of the client:

24,000 Worldwide

5 Billion USD (fiscal year 2021)

130+ Countries

How we helped

Do you want to know how we helped them improve?

Then feel free to read the full case story. Here you will gain knowledge of how we helped the business every step of the way to fulfill their complete potential, by aligning sales and marketing, and also by helping secure the internal changes of the company’s habits and culture become permanent.

Vincente Chiralt


Listen what our clients tell about our cooperation

Martin Coulthard

Senior Global Director, Digital Customer Experience

Download the case story

Download the case story

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