Aligned sales and marketing teams as your secret weapon


Commerzial has developed a pragmatic and proven solution to align sales and marketing. We help you improve your business.

This alignment ensures that both departments are working together towards common goals, and that they are using the same data and metrics to measure success. 

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The main goal of sales and marketing being intertwined is to improve the communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams, so that they can work together more effectively to generate and convert leads. In order to do this, sales and marketing need to be using the same tools and systems, and they need to have a shared understanding of what constitutes a qualified lead.

By aligning sales and marketing, companies can improve their KPIs, ROI and lead conversion rate, increase market share and outperform competition, making it a secret weapon to increase their business.

Michael Jarnum


“We stand by you to execute and to achieve your ROI”

Michael Jarnum

Commercial Excellence Advisor, Commerzial



We can help you succeed with sales and marketing

The Commerzial team consists of versatile and highly dedicated Commercial Excellence Advisors, with the mission to make commercial improvement your reality. 

All of our senior consultants have combined experience in consultancy and in-field work in diverse commercial domains. This is why our team has the expertise to solve even the toughest commercial challenges. 


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We have found a way to create a common language between marketing and sales by developing a proven toolbox of systems, management and sales tools. These tools can help companies increase mutual understanding, transparency, control and sales efficiency.

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