GN Hearing

Successful shift from product-focused selling to value-based selling

GN Hearing

We helped GN Hearing improve the commercial performance of both GN Hearing and several of their customers through:

  • Developing and executing a new sales methodology and toolbox for value-based selling across 20 key markets
  • Implementation support of the new methodology in sales process development, pipeline management, opportunity coaching and opportunity review
  • Hands-on, interactive and engaging training of the sales organization by trainers handpicked for each individual market
  • E-learning follow-up before and after training sessions

When GN Hearing’s International Sales Division launched a new strategy with an emphasis on commercial excellence, it became evident that the sales organization needed an entirely new set of best-in-class competences and tools for value-based selling.

GN Hearing teamed up with Commerzial’s consultants, who helped develop and execute a new sales methodology and toolbox that is now bringing GN Hearing closer to their clients across more than 20 key markets. Instead of a sales process that focuses on product features and price discounts, GN Hearing now benefits from a value-based methodology that can help them improve their clients’ business, giving them a competitive advantage in an increasingly cut-throat market.

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GN Hearing is a global leader in intelligent hearing aid solutions that enhance the lives of individuals with hearing loss. The company provides products and solutions to users in more than 100 countries across the world.

Founded in 1869, today the GN Group has 5,500 employees and its parent company, GN Store Nord, is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

The Challenge

GN’s decision to shift to value-based selling did not come without its fair share of challenges, the three greatest of which included the following issues:

  1. Historically, GN Hearing’s markets have always been very diverse, with widely differing sales processes in which the sales representatives tend to focus on product features and discounts, which puts increased pressure on the GN’s profitability.
  2. In recent years, GN Hearing’s biggest rivals have been outbidding each other to buy up as many retailers and dispensers as possible in order to gain control of end-user sales. With each purchase, these manufacturers have been pushing their own products to the forefront and squeezing out GN’s and other competitors’ products. Consequently, independent retailers are coming under increased pressure to sell their businesses.
  3. Internally, GN Hearing had to change the mindset of the entire sales organization and get their personnel to focus less on products and features and more on the customers’ needs. This would not only require a new sales toolbox, but also a significant change in sales behavior, in which old habits often die hard.

As GN is uniquely committed not to go into retail and compete with customers, it is critical to GN’s success to be able to build true partnerships with their customers and help them strengthen their independent businesses—not just push products.

The Solution

When choosing which sales consultancy company to partner with, GN Hearing put an emphasis on:

  1. Adaptability (e.g. the company should be able to create a sales methodology and toolbox for GN’s specific market and needs—not just offer standard off-the-shelf solutions)
  2. A local presence in the facilitation of sales training and sales manager coaching for GN’s key markets
  3. A strong understanding of the sales methodology and tools needed for value-based selling
  4. The ability to ensure a successful rollout from beginning to end.

The choice was narrowed down to Commerzial, who helped GN Hearing implement a successful value-based sales program that is managed globally but executed locally across all markets by local sales managers who carry the actual commercial responsibility.

Commerzial’s deliveries included the following items:

  • A new value-based sales process, tailored and structured to match the needs and buying processes of the hearing care professionals and made very simple for the sales managers to grasp and implement.
  • Sales management development and implementation support of the new sales methodology across all markets, including sales process development, pipeline management, opportunity coaching and opportunity review.
  • Sales representative development with a new and simplified sales toolbox, including a few concrete tools, such as value propositions, vision creation and negotiation, which were easy for the sales teams to learn and master.
  • Training of the sales organization in value-based selling by trainers handpicked for each individual market and capable of delivering training sessions without PowerPoint slides, instead using hands-on, interactive and engaging learning tools, thereby securing their listeners’ active participation and effective learning.
  • E-learning follow-up before and after the training sessions to further boost a successful implementation of the new sales process within the markets to bring about the desired change in behavior.

Following the training, GN Hearing’s sales teams have helped several customers run their businesses more effectively and profitably. By embracing value selling, the sales organization—as well as the customers—have realised how effective and rewarding a stronger and more professional relationship can be in improving the commercial performance for both parties.

Could This Be You?

Many sales organizations see the need to make the shift from product-focused selling to value-based selling. They just do not know how to get there. Changing a sales culture and a methodology that have existed for many years and are deeply embedded in the mentality and behavior of the entire organization can seem both daunting and incredibly complex.

Commerzial understands how to make the transition to value-based selling both simple and easy. First, we ensure that the tools and methodology are developed and tailored specifically to your organization and the needs of your customers. Next, we ensure buy-in from the entire organization, securing the right level of involvement at the right time during the process and implementing the sales process in each market through the work of local trainers who understand the local customs and mentality in order to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Last but not least, we strive to never over-complicate things.

We create simple tools that are easy to learn and master. In addition, our training sessions are always highly engaging, involving and effective, leaving sales personnel strongly motivated to use what they have learned and deliver real, positive change. To learn more about how Commerzial can help you implement value-based selling within your organization, please contact Rolf Mogensen at +45 6177 9916.

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