How We Engage

At Commerzial, we combine our understanding of organisations and people with an analytical and structured approach to improving commercial organisations and processes.

1) Problem Engagement

We begin every project by asking a simple question: what is the problem? We carefully listen to our customer’s needs and objectives and ask relevant questions that challenge our customer’s practices and organisational traditions.

2) Data Engagement

We meticulously collect and scrutinise all relevant data to ensure that the work we do is based on facts and that our solutions are based on the right conclusions.

3) Organisational Engagement

We never see things in isolation, but combine an astute eye for detail with a helicopter view of the relationship between the commercial organisation and the company’s value chain and relevant key processes. It’s only when you truly understand the organisation and its challenges that you can create and drive the needed change.

4) Personal Engagement

At the end of the day, it’s the people making up the organisation that need to deliver the desired results. Understanding their way of working, their needs and frustrations, and motivating them to embrace a new and better way of working is critical to the success of any commercial transformation.

From Engagement to Commercial Success

We apply our four engagement principles to a five-step process that ensures the problem is correctly solved with solutions that are fully integrated into the organisation’s daily routines and fine-tuned for optimal performance.
We define key challenges, risks and KPIs.
We analyse the organisation’s current modus operandi and search through all relevant data to work out a clear plan of action.
We begin to work out the solutions needed to create the desired commercial transformation.
We implement new tools and practices and help drive and manage the organisational and operational changes needed.
We track the results and fine-tune performance. At the same time, we help your employees embrace change and improve individual and joint performance.

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