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Our work is defined by the results we deliver. We are proud to have created the path to commercial excellence for our customers. And to share selected stories of their success.

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What’s Your Challenge?

Every commercial organisation has its own unique strengths and challenges. But often, the solutions created for one organisation can benefit another. And we are only a phone call or an email away from sharing them with you.


NJ Flensborg / Managing Partner   Tel: +45 2689 0816
Michael Jarnum / Commercial Excellence Advisor   Tel: +45 6090 0202
Rolf Mogensen / Commercial Excellence Advisor   Tel: +45 6177 9916
Andréas Stepien / Commercial Excellence Advisor   Tel: +45 3166 8608
Betina Hansen / Commercial Excellence Advisor   Tel: +45 3162 0045
Sean J. Aran / Commercial Excellence Advisor   Tel: +45 3132 5020